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I hope it’s not too sad. Life is sad sometimes.


In the land of cycles

We live in a world of cycles.

Whether this be the cycle of life and death, or the cycle of death and re-birth…it seems that this ride will never end. What is at the end of the great mystery?

Who can say?

Are you supposed to use wit and intellect to figure it out?
Are you to have a faith beyond sight that is cemented in the roots of physicallity itself?
Does it require an answer at all?

Everyone wants a story to have an ending…it seems. In the first pages of the world, to imagine the directions of growth…whether it be towards this ‘civilization’ that we determine…or to the supposition of others. The question for some is, how ‘we’ can increase the presentation of the play…sound enough. Some clamor for the complexities, or banalities of a self basting pig. If I piss on the ground, and it makes a tree grow becuase the soil has gained the life essense leaving my body…does it make it any less beautiful than a tree grown in a glass garden hyperbolic chamber? What is the beauty of seperation of what is already a part of you? So many questions, and the answers may not come in this lifetime or the next….but does that take the fun away from the game of cycles? That is yet to tell.

Of what cycles do you visit and leave?
Of what cycles do you participate in?
And of what cycles do you percieve to sway value over the reality that we see?

I ask questions into the void becuase I think how large this universe is, and how small I am in the layers of the onion that is this crybaby of a man. Waah. Infeority is some kind of punishment right?It’s as if the realization of the smallness of this state of existence is a dellusion. We live in a world in which every day is the literal Noah’s Ark flood of variables…to think that we will all stay above the waves is a trite thought indeed. I’m not putting individuality in the toilet right away…I’m just saying that even there it is the layer of dna in a hair at the base of the strand of a single hair at best. I started this site becuase I wanted to explore what could be not seen, and to make it visible. Let me know what you are looking to make visible in this world that is not. We are the same, you and I. One in the same of a swirling cosmos.

Here's a new one I did for someone. There were spacers against the metal pan (pizza pan) this time. There's some oil / water / corn starch / vics vaporub / and whatever else I could find that I thought was distinct. I also used the normal sand. I am looking to grind some stones that I have to experiment on the variable of actual stone density against the waves...but till next time.

Here’s a person that did a half run through a song by Thon Yorke

Here’s the user that put up the video. Let him know you like it if you want to see more:

I will continue posting these as seperate entries, but here's a initial list of some

Cornstarch Experiment

Vibration to test motion vs. direction / pressure of vibration

Cymatics with an electric guitar

Cymatics - Testing the variables in one note (attack / decay / resonance / filters)

Cymatics - Using dirt as the medium

Here’s some of the more pure music I’ve done. Let me know what you think . I hope you like it 🙂


So there’s a group of people working towards plasma speakers. Essentially the sound is being played through a tesla coil, and the resulting plasma is what is the end delivery mechanism of the sound.

So there you have it. Cymatics, or the principle of oscilation based visibility in yet another medium.

Here’s a few of the videos I saw:

Go Buy one! lol –

Lol – Her’s a singing candle…same premise –

Click here for the video

These are 3 pieces of work that I will have on exhibit at the Fava Gallery in Oberlin, OH.  Please let me know if you are interested in either commissioning a work, or in replicating an existing formula.

Firelands Association for the Visual Arts

New Union Center
for the Arts
39 South Main Street
Oberlin, Ohio 44074

phone: (440) 774-7158
fax: (440) 775-1107

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of:
The Community Foundation of Lorain County
Nord Family Foundation
Nordson Corporation Foundation
The Stocker Foundation
Ohio Arts Council
Hart Asphalt, Inc.
The Workshop Gallery
FAVA Members

Click here for the facebook cymatics group

Let’s see what works best. I like the idea of a centralized place to post items, but that is not exactly the way the internet works these days.

Cymatics Today Youtube Site – Cymatic Experiments / MusicTemp. Cymatics Today youtube site
Cymatics Youtube Playlist – Different experiments (sine wave / variable sounds / etc.)
Cymatic Experiment Playlist
Cymatics Today Facebook Group – Brand spanking newFacebook Cymatics Today Group

This cymatics experiment has a lot of variation, and alot of ‘destablizing’ sounds mixed in.Take a cut of the portions of the video that make sense (audio-wise), and see if you can put them into a progression that would:

1. Move items Up vs. Down vs. Left vs. Right
2. Destabilize the piles at the end
3. Create the circular formations (the darker ones that are like moles)
4. Integrate the black sand (or whatever color) like a circulatory system